Remoat exists to enable more people to love their jobs.

We believe that all companies can benefit from enabling remote working. Why?

<aside> 🙂 Better work-life integration = Happier People = Better stuff


<aside> 👊 Bigger talent pool = Increase Diversity = Better stuff


<aside> 🙌 Better systems = More productivity = Better stuff


We can see remote working being a key driver of positive change for so many. For diversity and inclusion. For global equality. For work-life integration. For time with friends and family. And for so many other positive things.

We invest in, buy and build remote working tools, to enable more people to do the work they love from wherever they live.

Our Portfolio

NoHQ - Build better remote teams

likeWFH: Remote jobs in engineering, programming, design, marketing, and more

Konf - Engaging Virtual Conferences


Remoat is run by Neil Witten, you can find out more about him here:

Neil Witten - Entrepreneur and Change Agent

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Our friends at Rebase Ventures

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